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We are always on the look out for motivated individuals to join our team. If you think that a career in Real Estate is right for you or you would like to learn more about it, contact us by phone or through email at  Check out our mission and core values, our goal is to find agents who share these with us so that we can grow together.


Our Mission

We strive to provide the highest level of professional service, and to achieve the highest rates of client retention and customer satisfaction in our Real Estate industry. Service is our #1 objective

At EXIT Realty-Thomas Meyer Associates we help our realtor's reach their potential as Real Estate professionals and help them succeed in their Real Estate career.


Our Core Values

  • Demonstrate uncompromising integrity in all things at all times. Our collective organizational reputation is our single most valuable asset.

  • Our clients' interest supersede our interest.

  • Practice the "Golden Rule" with respect to everyone at all times: our clients, fellow agents, and the general public. Always treat everyone the way you would want to be treated.

  • Never be satisfied with mediocrity. Never stop improving, learning, and growing.

  • Demonstrate professionalism in all things at all times. Lead by example and strive to elevate those around us with our complete commitment to excellence.

  • Focus on the client.

  • Attitude is everything. Positive thinking produces positive results.

  • Always base decisions on the long-term implications.

  • YOU are the ultimate determinant of your level of success in this industry.


Start Counting Your Paychecks

At EXIT Realty we aim for quality over quantity.  That is why EXIT Realty provides unlimited opportunities for additional cash flow streams through its one-of-a-kind single-level residual formula.

10% Sponsoring Residuals

EXIT associates can earn residuals by introducing salespeople to management through a process called sponsoring.  As a thank you for helping to grow the company, you receive a residual bonus equivalent to 10% of the gross production generated by your recruit.  This single-level bonus is paid out by EXIT's Head Office as your recruit's transactions close, continuing for as long as your recruit stays with EXIT and generates sales.

7% Retirement Residuals

Residuals fill in the gaps between closings and also act as a supplement or retirement plan for the future.  Should an EXIT associate choose to retire or take a break from real estate, their 10% Sponsoring Residuals reduce to 7% Retirement Residuals, continuing for as long as their recruit stays with EXIT and generates business.  EXIT associates even have the capability of enhancing their retirement by continuing to sponsor associates into the system.

5% Beneficiary Residuals

At EXIT Realty you can rest assured that your number one priority in life, your family, will be looked after.  So, should anything happen, you will have a predetermined beneficiary already in place.  Your 10% Sponsoring Residuals or your 7% Retirement Residuals convert into 5% Beneficiary Benefits that continue to provide security for your family for as long as your recruits stay with EXIT and generate sales. 


We look forward to meeting with you!  


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